Predator 360 stump grinder



Predator 360 Stump Grinder

The perfect entry level tree stump grinder.

With a central pivot, the Predator 360 makes a tough job quick and easy.

Remove tree stumps between 2 – 3 times faster than a generic pedestrian stump grinder without a pivot.

The Predator 360 makes fast progress with minimal effort to the operator.

Only 26 inches wide with an impressive grinding depth, this compact stump grinder will get to any tree stump.

With it’s fold-over handle, accessible lifting eyes, and brackets to the front and rear, you can also transport the unit easily.

If you are an arborist with a demand for stump removal, this is the kit for you.

The Predator 360 is the most cost effective & productive pedestrian stump grinder on the UK market. No more subcontracting or hire, take control of your stump removal contracts and start earning with a Predator 360 stump grinder.

Engine Honda 13hp
Length 51″ 1300mm
Width 26″ 650mm
Height 41″ 1050mm
Weight 320lb 145kg
Fuel Petrol 1.8 Gallons Petrol 7.3L
Cutting Depth 14″ 355mm
Cutting Height 20″ 508mm
Cutting Swing 32″ 812mm
Cutter Wheel 14″ MT 350mm MT
Teeth 4 x Multi-Tip
Start Pull Start

In stock price £4,495 + vat